Hyperlink :any-link

The :any-link pseudo-class represents an element that acts as the source anchor of a hyperlink (elements with an href attribute). In other words, any element that would match :link and :visited.

Browser Support

Chrome Firefox Safari Opera IE Edge
Desktop -webkit -moz -webkit -webkit no no
Mobile -webkit -moz -webkit -webkit no no


E:any-link { /* Declarations */ }

/* The following are the browser supported versions of the :any-link pseudo-class. */

E:-webkit-any-link { /* Chrome, Opera */ }
E:-moz-any-link { /* Firefox */ }


/* In the following example, all links within your content will be red without an underline. */

#content a:any-link {
color: red;
text-decoration: none;

Information is based on Selectors Level 4 - W3C Working Draft (last updated on May 2, 2013)
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