Tree-Structural :blank

The tree-structural pseudo-classes were introduced in CSS3. In level 4 selectors, the :blank pseudo-class is added. These pseudo-classes select elements in the document tree.

:blank is likely to change names in the working draft. This page will be updated if necessary when the time comes.

In CSS3, you have the :root and :empty pseudo-classes. In level 4 selectors, you also have :blank.

The :blank pseudo-class builds on the :empty pseudo-class (explained below), but it also matches elements containing whitespace (spaces, tabs and segment breaks).

:empty (CSS3)
The :empty pseudo-class was introduced in CSS3, but is required to know to understand the :blank pseudo-class. This pseudo-class matches elements with no content.

Browser Support

Chrome Firefox Safari Opera IE Edge
Desktop no -moz no no no no
Mobile no no no no no no


E:blank {
/* Style properties */

/* The following are the browser supported versions of the :blank pseudo-class. */

E:-moz-only-whitespace { /* Firefox */ }


/* In this example, all blank p elements will have a margin of 0. */

p:blank {
margin: 0;

Information is based on Selectors Level 4 - W3C Editor's Draft (last updated on May 24, 2016)
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